Google Synthesizer Song: Tribute to Bob Moog on his Birthday

On May 23rd 2012 (which would have marked Bob Moog’s 78th birthday), Google featured a playable synthesizer much like the musical machines Moog created in the 1960s. The Google version was complete with three oscillators, one filter, a filter envelope and an amp envelope. It also featured a four track recorder to record your very own compositions and share them on Google+.

Google Moog 12-key Schematic by Google

Using the Google synthesizer

The synth is loaded in the browser and the computer keyboard becomes a series of notes. Use the Left / Right keys to select a knob, and the Up / Down keys to adjust its level. Alternatively, use the mouse to play notes or to adjust parameters with more precise control.

Recording the track

For this project we set a goal to finish the track in 1 hour, but failed miserably and dedicated 2 instead. We used Soundflower (a free application by Cycling74) to route audio from the Google page into Ableton Live. This made the possibilities endless for looping, adding effects and tracking live drums.

All sounds were synthesized with the Google synthesizer. Drum tracks & processing added in Ableton Live.

More Info: Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday

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