King Deluxe – Dance Like It’s 2999 – Wubducted

What do you envision for our future? Specifically, 989 years from now? That’s a question we asked a range of electronic producers with this project, to soundtrack the end of the 30th century. Show us what might be, or what they’d wish for humanity.King Deluxe About Dance Like It’s 2999 Auditory Aphasia – Wubducted A […]

Live from Asbury Park, NJ @ Club Deep

Cats Out of the Bag recorded live on 12.02.2006 in Asbury Park, NJ @ Club Deep. This is a conceptual version of the song before it was completed in 2007.

Filed & Put in Place EP

House Demo 2006 was recorded in 2 parts. Most drums and instruments were tracked by Ant & Jed in Norco, CA at a friend’s house. Additional tracks including horns and vocals were recorded at Ant’s house in Chino Hills, CA.

Built Seedy

A collection of ditties recorded solo by Ant at his house. Recorded with a story in mind.

Preserve Sessions

After The Peripatetics, we set up our gear in the living room of Erik & Nick’s house. Here’s the last set of recordings we made with our original 4-piece line-up.

The Peripatetics

Debut album. Produced by Joel Mark. Pre-production in Pomona, CA at our practice space. Basic tracks recorded live at Doug Messenger’s Hard Drive Studio in Echo Park, CA. Post-production recorded at Joel’s house.

Post Production Stress

The legendary Casio SK-5 was used to record this number. It’s not much, but here’s what happens when taking a break in Joel’s back-house with a sweet little keyboard. We started with a stock drum loop and made some of our own loops on the sample pads.

Come Here Little Panda EP

Our debut release. After a summer of practicing daily in Nico’s living room, we decided we were ready to record a demo and start playing shows. Naturally, we chose Love Juice in Riverside, CA. Day 1: drums and bass. Day 2: guitars and keys. Day 3: vocals. bada bing, bada boom…

Elsinore Recordings

Before recording our first demo, we decided to try to record ourselves. Sure was fun! Line-up Ant – drums Jed – keys Nico – keys Ramey – bass Track Listing Baby Jane Doesn’t Live Here No More (2:57) Extended Info Baby Jane Doesn’t Live Here No More – This is the first of three recorded versions of this song. No […]