Built Seedy

A collection of ditties recorded solo by Ant at his house. Recorded with a story in mind.


  • Ant

Track Listing

  1. Built Seedy (3:14)
  2. In the Back of Your Brain There is Motion You Have Not Seen (4:45)
  3. First Order Desire (3:13)
  4. Bad Times are Surrounded by Good (4:24)
  5. Malleable Senses: An Infestation of the Mind (2:54)
  6. Second Order Desire (2:45)
  7. Concentrated (1:59)
  8. Lukewarm Energy (2:19)
  9. In Training (2:06)


  • Lukewarm Energy

    dream how you gonna get by
    get high and talk about
    this and that’s
    a hope or a lie

    keep talkin and lying
    with you it’s one in the same
    keep cheating and stealing
    then claiming insane
    don’t stop ditching blame

    not learning much these days

    you got your thoughts locked up
    caught and put in a cage
    every word and every smoke
    thicken delusional hopes
    keep your thoughts in a cage

    not learning much these days

    keep your thoughts in a cage
    a chisel and hammer to see them
    your worthless thoughts in a cage.
    open a thickened skull to free them
    got your thoughts in a cage.

    not learning much these days

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