Discombobulated: to the combobulator and back again [roughs]

Pre-release rough mixes of songs from our 2008 collection.  Recorded at Yusti’s house in Norco, CA.  This album is not mixed and remains a phantom of tracks within Yusti’s computer.  Yikes!


  • Ant – drums, electronic arrangement, percussion, vocals
  • Fuji – guitar, bass, vocals
  • Jed – guitar, bass, keys, percussion, vocals
  • Tom – guitar, bass, keys, vocals

Track Listing

  1. Second Order Desire
  2. Losing the Agreement
  3. Mahjong
  4. Sparrow (3:00)
  5. Garden Man
  6. Pray Lude to Max (8:07) [ ROUGH ]
  7. Theme O’ My Soul (0:45) new
  8. Piotr (4:38) new
  9. Lukewarm Energy
  10. Cats Out of the Bag (7:50) [ ROUGH ]
  11. Send the President to War
  12. Stuck on Earth (8:17)
  13. Dear Friends
  14. Walking
  15. Galaxy Head
  16. Genova (4:19) new
  17. First Order Desire



  • Second Order Desire

    You don’t make time,
    To do all the things you want,
    With the time you have.
    Oh whatever with whatever.
    With the time you have.
    Time is running down.

  • Losing the Agreement

    There’s no common ground here.
    You have yours and I have mine.
    I thought with time,
    You would find something.
    You lost all that you had.

  • Mahjong

    The end will come,
    When the Earth eats the Sun.

    Build nukes and guns,
    Blow this shit to kingdom come.

  • Garden Man

    I went to the garden.
    What did i find?

    Money don’t grow on trees,
    But damn sure do apples and leaves.
    Still when I went to the garden,
    Nothing seemed free to me.

    I went to my neighbor.
    What did i find?

    I found a missing son.
    A picture hangs next to a gun,
    That he used to fight for the free.
    As mamma fell and cried for her dearest son,
    “Oh son come back to me.”

    In the land of the free,
    Tell me what did I find?

    I went to the Capitol.
    What did i find?

    I asked there to our leader,
    “Tell me who or where is free?”
    And he pointed to the street saying go work and you’ll live,
    Or come fight a war with me.
    In reply I sighed as he lied to my face,
    Trying to convince me that war is free.

  • Theme O’ My Soul

    Oh my soul, Kentucky Fried Chicken.
    You don’t know what you’ve been missing.
    Biscuits, cole slaw, mac n’ cheese,
    Potatoes and gravy, Colonel please!

    Original, crispy, or a pot pie.
    Try the popcorn chicken, it’ll give you a smile.
    Sandwiches and twisters can’t be beat.
    Kentucky Fried Chicken is a national treat!

    Oh my soul, down to KFC.
    Get a bucket o’ chicken to feed the family.
    Two piece meal, choose your own sides.
    Can’t beat the Colonel when it comes to the price!

  • Piotr

    Looked straight at the Sun,
    Heirs of a King.
    With not a place to sleep,
    Sharing dreams.

  • Lukewarm Energy

    Dream how you gonna get by,
    Get high and talk about this and that’s, a hope or a lie.
    Keep talkin and lying, with you it’s one in the same.
    Keep cheating and stealing, then claiming insane.
    Don’t stop ditching blame.
    Not learning much these days.

    You got your thoughts locked up, caught and put in a cage.
    Every word and every smoke thicken delusional hopes.
    Keep your thoughts in a cage.
    Not learning much these days.

    Keep your thoughts in a cage,
    A chisel and hammer to see them.
    Your worthless thoughts in a cage.
    Open a thickened skull to free them.
    Got your thoughts in a cage.
    Not learning much these days.
    All your thoughts are in a cage.
    Not learning much these days.

  • Send the President to War

    You can be living for free,
    Working to see half your money.
    Oh I’ve got people fighting for me,
    Rather for the sake of my country.
    While the rest of the world is bleeding,
    America whines over scars after healing.
    Creating reality in TV,
    While our brothers are at war.

    Send the President to war.

    Do you feel that the society you fight for is a good thing?
    With your pollution and waste?
    Corrupt leaders showing you a world with a veil is a good thing?
    I want to see our nation’s real face.
    Maybe someday we’ll all see what they’ve hidden,
    Cause I’ve got a feeling that they’re hiding something big.
    Until then let the leaders handle business,
    Send him to the war that he started now.

    Send the president to war.

  • Stuck on Earth

    Found something I like.
    Use it until I’m sick.
    Can’t keep a single thing sacred.

    We’ll find a way out,
    We’ll find a way in.
    When they say they’ve found the way,
    We won’t believe them.

  • Dear Friends

    Put you on the right path.
    Set you on the right track.

    So you think you can swim with the sharks?
    Now, wear your race as a mark.
    You’ve been ranked from the start.
    You were filed and put in place by a gentleman,
    Who won’t listen.

    This is your home.

    You are walking in place.
    So take this deck of cards,
    We’ll watch you play your life away.
    You may have the upper hand,
    But you ain’t got nothing to gain.

    This is your home.

  • Walking

    Keep on walking.

  • Galaxy Head

    There’s a galaxy in your head,
    But to find light you look up instead.

    Suck it down.
    To your brain, in and out is just the same.

  • Genova

    With tales of a treasure worth seeking,
    Left behind my crew and my King.
    A journey to find a love worth keeping,
    Worth nothing but worth everything to me.

    And the Moon is shining bright, all through the night.

    My hope extends to the end of the Earth,
    Crashing waves and the wind’s shallow howl.
    My lens is set on the edge of the Earth,
    Feet planted firmly on the bow.

    And the Moon is shining bright, all through the night.

    I’ve set my sails across the Seven Seas,
    Only to find love in a dream.
    Oh, a journey on my own decree,
    Only to find love is a dream.

    And the Moon is shining bright, all through the night.
    And my love must be sleeping, to wake her I dance and I sing.

  • First Order Desire

    All that you are is what you do with the time while the time is yours.


  • Vocals in ‘Cats Out of the Bag’ by Sarah
  • Trumpet in ‘Pray Lude to Max’ by Max

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