King Deluxe – Dance Like It’s 2999 – Wubducted

What do you envision for our future? Specifically, 989 years from now?

That’s a question we asked a range of electronic producers with this project, to soundtrack the end of the 30th century. Show us what might be, or what they’d wish for humanity.King Deluxe

Artwork by Peter Popken

A soaring spaceship, searching. With the target found, beams of light surround; the found target is wubducted from below.

Tied down with strange characters probing, ears clouded with extraterrestrial interference. Zipping, winding, floating, blinding. Laser fails and sent into a swirl.

A short, woozy break; soon enough buzzes bewailing again from above. More tension builds from the unknown but soon a blow to tranquilize the senses.

Awakened as sedatives wear. Boom and blare return, black out, then send floating down the river.

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09.19.11 – This song was used by Jack “Cogwirrel” Stevenson as a soundtrack for his game troll asteroids.

Play it & enjoy!

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