The Peripatetics

Debut album. Produced by Joel Mark. Pre-production in Pomona, CA at our practice space. Basic tracks recorded live at Doug Messenger’s Hard Drive Studio in Echo Park, CA. Post-production recorded at Joel’s house.


  • Ant – drums, electronic arrangements, percussion, vocals
  • Jed – guitar, keys, percussion, vocals
  • Nico – guitar, keys, percussion, vocals
  • Ramey – bass, vocals

Track Listing

  1. This Aura That (3:30)
  2. This One’s for Osker (3:27)
  3. Baby Jane Doesn’t Live Here No More (2:59)
  4. Kill All the Cranes (5:43)
  5. This Party Grew Stale 6 Years Ago (4:55)
  6. Cinnamon (6:16)
  7. King of Prussia (8:16)
  8. Climbing the Laughing Stalk (3:26)
  9. Until the Burning Bush Incinerates it All (3:00)
  10. The Secondhanders (7:23)


  1. This Aura That

    You’ve found my price,
    We all have ours.
    Don’t make me admit my wrongs,
    Please don’t hit the nerve.
    Paint smiles,
    When no war means no peace.

  2. This One’s for Osker

    I can’t seem to put the pieces back together.
    Delusions of a grandeur nature.
    Rejoice as the crowd flees.
    Forced to adopt the reprise,
    As we watch our disengagements.

    Search for it so far away,
    Find a distant reflection.
    Too far inside lies the answer.
    Look past the clear.
    We can’t even understand the whispers, anyway.

  3. Baby Jane Doesn’t Live Here No More

    We’re raised and taught inside these factories.
    Another brushed out line for your perfect body.
    No free will programmed for our eternity.
    Now, we’ve become the army for your best intentions.

    Let’s call this a holiday from all reason.
    We’ll sit and focus on the corner of the room.

    Look at me I’m the Sun King.
    Working aimlessly,
    Working on and on and on and on.

  4. Kill All the Cranes

    Time is told in nouns.
    Lightbulbs burning out.
    Wait for a sign.
    It’s happening again.

  5. This Party Grew Stale 6 Years Ago

    Just shut your eyes, breathe out and save your life.
    Can’t be too late, your choice is here…now.

    I can’t save you anymore and I won’t.

    Just live your life, truth lies beneath your eyes.
    You’ll never learn, this life is all you own.

    Surprise, I’m on your mind,
    Inside your hopes, inside your dreams,
    Everywhere in between.
    New cars, new lies, new hopes, new dreams, new falls, new faults,
    The frames in my heart do nothing at all.
    Learning to see.
    Learning to breathe.
    Pretending to leave.
    Protect me.

    Remember this.

  6. Cinnamon

    Stab it in me.
    Stab into me.

    This is how it goes.
    This is how it goes when I think.
    This is how it goes when I breathe.
    And I feel the blood rush to my brain.
    Don’t you want to feel the same?
    I’m going down under.
    I’m fading out.

    And on and on and on.

  7. King of Prussia

    Read all about it.
    This storm has wiped our home out.
    Only the dead left to decorate all of the town.
    Just think about it.
    The King keeps his thorn crown and the cold blooded left underground.

    You know you really want to.
    Make yourself crystal clear.
    Make your sins disappear.
    Look yourself in the mirror.

    Now we escape.

  8. Climbing the Laughing Stalk

    Calm down now.

    Keep wondering
    This life is all you own.

    It’s calm now.
    Keep talking.

  9. Until the Burning Bush Incinerates it All

    Depth through circle steps.
    Rewind to play the same.

    The collaboration of a million thoughts overwhelming the six senses.
    Especially the most forgotten, common.
    Revert back to your screens for a cultural rejuvenation.

    Settle in.

    We’re making history here.
    No reason to fear the end.

    With a collective state comes a passive mind. Washing away the day with the entertainment brought to you tonight by a post-nuclear aged hero who’s saving the lives of those who wait in line that reaches around the block for a handout while they’re still being charged for the sidewalk cleanings that their greasy backs left behind. The alternative speaks in rhymes of a mother who is too scared to let her children play outside. You’ll travel far and wide to see that there is still oppression, but some of us will stay at home and watch the disease reside in our own backyard, in the attitudes and the way that our mothers and fathers respect each other. In the way our siblings grow with an addiction to sex, or the next cheapest thing that makes them forget that all our homes really burnt down in the Great Fire.

  10. The Secondhanders

    Maybe someday your name will be out there.
    And then someway I’ll be as complete as ever, no one’s better.

    When you suddenly starve with your hands in the holes in your pockets,
    Your dreams as it seems.

    You keep telling everybody what to do.
    Everybody calls me but my brother.
    I got a girl, but now I just want a new lover.
    Waking up is only getting faster,
    When what you want is to cash in dreams just to scrape dirt off of the floor.

    Be more careful and worry all day,
    About everything, about anything.
    Be the best at being the best at being the best at.
    You should be aware that the end is coming near.


  • Production: Joel Mark & Auditory Aphasia
  • Recorded at: Doug Messenger’s Hard Drive Studios
  • Engineering: Doug Messenger, Joel Mark, Chris Fudurich
  • Drum Tech: Jared Alexander
  • Mixing: Kyle Homme
  • Mastering: Tom Hutten
  • Trumpet on tracks 1,7,9: Gino
  • All songs written and performed by Auditory Aphasia

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